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Tank and Basin Heaters

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Pipe Insert Dimensional Drawing

Pipe Insert Heaters

Open Coil Pipe Insert Heaters are designed to insert into a horizontal 3" pipe mounted just above the anticipated sludge level in the tank and below the expected minimum operational fluid level. These units provide a low watt density over a large surface area and are used to heat sensitive fluids. Advantages include the ability to change the heater without draining the tank and to provide up to a Schedule 80 pipe wall in mildly corrosive fluids.
Heater pipes can be customer supplied or provided by Heatrex. Pipes can be welded into the tank wall or can be attached with an ANSI flange. Heatrex can also provide a weather-resistant terminal box with NPT threads attached to the end of the heater pipe.

Dimensional Drawing<!--Deep Tank Heaters-->

Deep Tank Heaters

Deep Tank Heaters are designed to fit into a manhole of an enclosed tank or double wall tank installed either above or below grade. Often the riser is "split" to facilitate installation. Watt densities can vary from 50 W/Sq. In. for water applications to 5 W/Sq. In. for heavy fuel oils. Controls are often provided to avoid penetrating the tank elsewhere. The element bundle diameter can range from a 12" O.D. to a maximum of 22" O.D.

Cooling Tower Dimensional Drawing

Cooling Tower Heaters

Cooling Tower Heaters are long cartridge heaters designed with a conservative 25 W/Sq. In. maximum watt density. These units provide a long "gentle" heat covering a majority of the tank or vessel. They are used primarily in below grade concrete sumps, for cooling towers or to heat viscous fluids. The heaters can be specified with through-the-wall or over the- side construction in 3/4" NPT (Series HX-761) or 1-1/4" NPT (Series HX-762).

Over-the-Side Heaters eliminate the need for cutting a hole in the basin. Internal wiring runs from the horizontal heater elements through a vertical riser and extension arm with an outlet box located over the side of the basin.

Adjustable Sludge Legs are furnished on all heaters. ...

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