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Special Purpose Immersion Heaters

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Bottom Mounted Heaters Dimensional Drawing

Bottom-Mounted Heaters

Bottom-Mounted immersion heaters were originally designed for use in coffee urns. However, their compact construction makes them ideal for use in steam tables, humidifiers, sterilizers and other applications requiring a very low heater profile and a short element length.

Standard heaters are available in 120, 208 and 240 volts. Heaters with two elements are designed for single-phase operation, while three element heaters can also be used for single-phase applications where space limitations preclude the use of a two-element heater.

Product Image - Rectangular Flange Heaters

Rectangular Flange Heaters

Large Diameter Elements provide extra electrical insulation for superior dielectric strength. Because elements are .475" diameter, they are suitable for line voltages up to 600 volts. In addition, element insulation is compacted to insure uniform heat transfer from coil to sheath and all bends are repressed to insure insulation integrity in this critical area.

Flanges are fabricated from 3/16" minimum plate. Copper sheathed elements are silver soldered into brass flanges. Steel, Incoloy and stainless steel sheathed elements are welded into flanges of like materials.

Element Spacers, made from 304 stainless steel, maintain a uniform distance between elements, thus preventing hot spots where elements may ...

Product Image - Series 770 Flange Heaters

Series HX-770 Flange Heaters

Series HX-770 - 4-7/8" flange heaters, are three-element modules specifically designed for large steam or hot water boilers. They offer a simple, practical solution to two problems inherent in all electric boiler designs: element stocking and field replacement.

Series HX-770 heaters offer an attractive alternative to large pipe flange immersion heaters, which contain a multitude of elements and are therefore more difficult and more expensive to replace in the field. By using Series HX-770 heaters, element replacement is simplified; should an element burn out, it is only necessary to remove one small flange. The rest of the elements can remain in service. (Even when the elements are mounted into a pipe flange immersion heater ...