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Fan-Forced Heaters

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234 Series Washdown/Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

234 Series Washdown/Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater

The Heatrex 234 Series unit heater is the perfect solution to the problem of heating people or equipment in non-hazardous environments where moisture and corrosion exist. Advantages include :
  • Built-in Controls : All necessary safety and temperature controls are included in a single package. Components and motor are factory-wired to a single terminal block for field wiring, eliminating the chance for field error and reducing installation costs.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up : Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.
  • Corrosion Resistant : Stainless steel construction, epoxy-coated aluminum fan blade and nonmetallic NEMA 4X terminal enclosure resist ...

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238 Series Unit Heater

238 Series Unit Heater

Heatrex’s 238 Series industrial unit heater is designed for maximum heating performance in non-hazardous and non-corrosive environments. Features include:
  • Unique Design : Round design of the industrial unit heater provides uniform airflow over the elements to prevent hot spots and ensure even discharge temperatures. Circular stainless steel finned tubular elements have a longer life due to lower operating temperatures.
  • Built-in Controls : Heaters are completely assembled with all electrical components built in at the factory to reduce installation costs.
  • Improved Performance : High CFM’s and air throw to 50 feet promote air circulation within the space. More uniform ...

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Product Image - Commercial Unit Heater

926 Series Unit Heater

The 926 Series unit heater is designed for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Large Capacity : Heavy-duty construction with ratings up to 60 kW at 2000 CFM.
  • Control Options : Wide range of factory built-in or field installed control options to meet job specifications.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up : Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit. Field connections and built-in controls are easily accessed in the side-mounted control compartment.
  • Discharge Direction : The 926 Series heater may be mounted horizontally using one of two brackets (supplied) or vertically using four threaded rods (not included).

These ...

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240 Series Unit Heater

240 Series Unit Heater

The 240 Series unit heater provides quiet, reliable, horizontal airflow for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Compact Design : Industry’s most comprehensive up to 50 kW unit heater design with performance that meets or exceeds other units on the market.
  • Factory Built-in Controls : Control options are built-in and wired at the factory to meet job specifications, saving the cost of field-installed kits.
  • Single Point Electrical Hook-up : Heater, fan motor and controls are all connected to the same branch circuit.
  • Balanced Three-phase Power : All three-phase heaters have balanced loads, eliminating the need to phase balance unit heater electrical loads within ...

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928 Series Vertical Unit Heater

928 Series Vertical Unit Heater

The 928 Series unit heater is designed to heat buildings with high ceilings. It may also be used to re-circulate warm air that builds up near ceilings. 928 Series heaters can be used as primary, supplemental or dual heating systems in commercial or industrial buildings.
  • Vertical Airflow : Suitable for applications in high bay industrial buildings where columns, machinery or warehouse stock would obstruct horizontal air movement.
  • Air Distribution Patterns : Three optional air diffusers produce different air distribution patterns to accommodate various applications.
Only available with almond finish.
941 Series Primary Image

941 Series Ceiling Heater

The 941 Series ceiling heater is designed for recessed munting into a ceiling. It provides heat in a quiet, effecient manner. Single units can heat small areas and multiple heaters can be used in large or odd-shaped rooms.

Mounting Options: Units can be surface (with optional box) or recessed mounted. A tapered recess box assures a tight fit when mounted into the wall.

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 Fan-Forced Unit Heaters Comparison Chart 

Fan-Forced Unit Heaters Comparison Chart